Meeting in Austin with Dan Flynn

I met with Rep. Dan Flynn yesterday in Austin. He is well aware of our situation. However, the only people he has heard from in person are those in favor of the road. He is in favor of public-private-partnerships as a means for funding roads in Texas. But he also realizes the importance of private property rights NOT being abused through eminent domain. He most likely can not and will not stop this road. He will, however, work to ensure the citizens are most fairly compensated for our loss. His best advice, “DON’T TAKE THE FIRST OFFER!” and “STICK TOGETHER!”
By the way, the advice he gave is basically the same as what the eminent domain lawyer said. I don’t think this means we as a group give up our fight against the road. This is a worst case scenario of what we do at the very end if/when it comes down to that. Hopefully, based on the RTC meeting last night, things are going to be moving a little slower.
Dan Flynn will meet with anyone who will make an appointment. It’s not that far to Austin and he has local offices. I encourage EVERYONE to take the time to talk to him IN PERSON. He said we were the only 2 people he had seen who were opposed to the road. I may not agree with everything he does, but he treated us with dignity and respect. Our local leaders could learn a thing or two from him about how to handle the public when the public is not on the same side as they are. At least Flynn didn’t accuse us of being conspiracy theorists and spreading fear and panic.

2 thoughts on “Meeting in Austin with Dan Flynn

  1. I feel that he and our other Representatives could do more to limit the power of all Texas Rural RR Transportation Districts (NETEX) by voting for new laws that more narrowly define “creative means” of raising revenue. They could also easily place language that gives the local governments and citizens more power over the Rural RR Transportation Districts and other similar districts, ( water, electric, etc) by forcing them to place large projects like this to a local referendum. Sure it is slower, ( that’s how a Republic is supposed to be) but if it is a good idea- it will pass a vote and it will force the citizen to be more involved in how their local government uses it’s power
    and how the land is shaped for future growth. The current model in Texas today centralizes power in too few hands and with even fewer checks and balances. Unfortunately we can only blame ourselves for this. Let’s use this proposed toll road issue to wake up and get involved with our County and
    Texas government issues. After what we are learning with this issue, what else is wrong out there?

  2. Well said, CK. Some of us, including myself, have for too long sat blindly and idly by while government happens to us. This issue has helped to open my eyes to so much that is wrong with our state and national government. We can only blame ourselves. Sure, we elect people we think will represent us, but do we ever follow up and make sure they are not only supporting good ideas but also steadfastly opposing those who would take away everything we take for granted? We end up with appointed bodies, like NCTCOG, who make decisions that affect us in Caddo Mills, when the majority of them represent Dallas and Tarrant County.
    We need representation that will fight for the private property rights of citizens. We need to demand that REAL laws be put in place that protect the rights of the people, not just generalities full of loopholes that are exploited by those with enough money to do so. We need more transparency, truth in taxation, common sense solutions, and representation that doesn’t forget the people who put them in power. It’s time for Texans to wake up. We may live in the greatest state in the Union, but we are losing ground. Get involved. Find out what’s going on in transportation and education in this state. Those two issues alone should be more than enough to have you shouting about the injustices that are being carried out. And there are plenty of others.

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