Recent meeting notes with ED Lawyer in Dallas

The lawyer from this firm was involved in the I-635 build, DFW airport expansion, Love field and other ED issues.  They only work for land owners. I recommend that we use him as the legal representative to each person that is directly affected by this proposed toll road if the route takes your land or home. Even if you want to take compensation that is offered, you will get much less without legal representation.
Texas is quite brutal with who the law considers as affected by a project like this road, so what would seem as a normal compensation for disruption of farming, vibrations from traffic that cause your home foundation to crack are non compensatory. While there are ways to form a case for folks indirectly impacted by this project, it will require legal representation to achieve any compensation for those who will be adjacent to the proposed toll road.
The meeting with the lawyer was very productive and informative.
We are still too soon to plan for any legal action since we don’t know the route of the proposed toll road.
We need to focus on a strong public showing at all public hearings about this proposed toll road to demonstrate we are against this project.
One fact is clear, you will not be compensated as much if your property is taken if you do not have legal representation. If you try to deal with this alone, you will get a lower ammount.
We are working with a highly reputable attorney that will tell us the truth with regards to the law, this toll road project, he will make sure that those whose property is condemned are compensated to the maximum ammount according to the market and those also directly affected are able to be compensated for the impacts the toll road has on their land, home.
He has asked us to work on these items now-
He has asked us to continue to have as large a homeowners organization as possible and to have a large a showing as possible at all Public hearings where this project is discussed. The project backers are counting on us the home owners getting tired or no longer involved. This will also help with any legal fees because the more we spread this across, the lower the individual costs.(this is not a class action type suit, but we can use our numbers to support each other in each individual settlement).
The upcoming RTC meeting is the most important meeting to date and as many of us as possible need to be there. This arena is our best chance to stop the toll road.
Once the route is announced, he has asked us to be ready to hire an engineer to see what impacts this road will have with regards to possible flooding issues of your land if this toll road is put in.
With the route announcement we will know who exactly will have their homes condemned and those will have portions of their land condemned. These folks will obviously form the core of the individual complaints and the others that are affected by potential flooding, or other indirect impact issues( he explained what these were but I didn’t want to bring these out in public since we are preparing for possible legal action)will be the rest of the individuals forming the group using legal means to ensure that they are as compensated as much as possible according to the law.
We will have a local meeting soon to explain why we recommend this lawyer, passing out TX ED information packets and going over all of our options for those directly affected and those adjacent to the proposed toll road.

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    • No specific prices were discussed since we do not know the route of the proposed toll road. Once we know how many of us are directly affected by losing your home or portion of your land, we will then be able to determine how much it will cost to get high quality, proven ED legal representation. While each case is an individual case, the larger the group, the lower the costs per individual for the services of a law firm/lawyer of this caliber.
      I have more information about why no prices were discussed and why we need to be as large a group as possible, but don’t want to place it here since it is part of our legal strategy. Please call me.

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