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  1. That wasn’t a vote. That was an arrogant slap in the face. Now learning the “Judge” is a member of NETEX makes me wonder. Obviously a clear conflict of interest. I intend to speak with our attorney tonight or tomorrow, and now have a few questions to ask about the legality of that.

    Can someone please tell me where the mayor has been on this? Would it not have been his responsibility to make sure those affected were notified, especially in such a small town and such a limited area? If I had been mayor, I would have been knocking on everybody’s door personally, whether I supported the road or not. Makes no matter to me if you support or dont, or if your a Republican or a Democrat, your a neighbor….

  2. Mike, the Caddo Mills Mayor spoke at the 1/8/13 court. His comments can be found on this blog if you go to the Greenville Herald Banner link for the 1/9/13 paper. On the home page, scroll down to this post and then hit the link.
    His quote is recorded by the reporter. If you have any questions, please write.

  3. The mayor of Caddo mills has no interest in affairs outside his city limits, so we basically have no mayor that would stand up for what we are fighting for. As far as judge Horn, someone at the Jan 8th court meeting brought up the fact that his involvement w/ netex was a conflict of interest and he said no, that they want a judge like him so he can promote growth and prosperity, and the avenue would be this toll road. Bunch of BS. I have sent out an email to a real estate / eminent domain attorney, waiting to hear back.

  4. Ck-
    That may be the case, but he didnt share his knowledge with us. Not trying to attack personally, but I and everyone I have talked with, feels very let down by our representation.

  5. Yes, Jay Adkins our precinct commissioner is in support of his citizens and is working hard on our behalf, he is the only commissioner who gives out his personal contact info, please call him anytime, he welcomes it.

  6. This toll road just breaks my heart. We moved to Caddo Mills because of the small town family atmosphere, the excellent school district and the beautiful country. I’m afraid all of this will be at risk now so a few people can make it to work a little sooner. So Sad!

  7. Kristen, I would be very interested to know what the real estate / eminent domain attorney says about all of this. I live in Josephine right next to the NETEX right of way and have been told by the City Council that my home would be taken by the toll road.

  8. TTC the company who is proposing the road says they do not have a definite route therefore they cannot say who is directly effected. Which those of us who have been following this closely know thats a bunch of crap! They said tonight at the town hall meeting that they will know by the first week in April.

  9. Dont give up, things are in the works. In the mean time, give ’em hell at every corner. It may well be the thing goes through but dont let them have an easy time of it.

  10. I think all of us giving them hell is the reason why they are getting legal gag orders on their plannings and netex lease, etc. I love it, keep fighting. !!!

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