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  1. This is mike sharpe (4850 CR 2718),

    I wanted to inquire of the local residents to their interest in obtaining legal representation and the possible filing of a class action lawsuit.

    I am not an attorney, nor do I know our legal standing in this matter, but feel a qualified attorney may be a good option to protect our interests. At the very least, we could possibly make enough trouble to make them feel the fight is not worth it. Media attention would also bring negative light on this company and their intentions as well as the county council.

    As any of you who attended the meeting today already knows, their minds were already made up. How anyone could listen to story after story of peoples life savings tied up, sick spouses, and inability to finance another property at their age, and still vote to approve is sickening.

    Personally, even if they do end up coming through here, I want to give them hell the whole way.

    Let me know your thoughts,


  2. Here is a well known and experienced attorney to represent those facing the theft of their homes and land. Not saying to give up, but rather be prepared from the beginning.

    Absolutely DO NOT accept any offer. The 5th amendment of our constitution provides that owners whos property is taken for public use receive “JUST COMPENSATION”. They will offer you crap, and threaten you with a lawsuit. This is what you want! That “Just Compensation” is usually much more than their offer, and will include usually financial compensation for your move, etc.

    If these ****** are gonna take anyones property around here, make them pay out the ying-yang. Give them hell every step of the way. Ultimately, we may loose our properties, just a fact, but I intend to exercise my rights and piss them off at every corner.

    Wolverines Unite !



  3. That didn’t go well. The Judge doesn’t seem to remember who HIS constituents are. I feel utterly violated. He demeaned, insulted, ridiculed, and invalidated his own citizens. I know who I am NOT voting for County Judge in 2014.

  4. Judge Horn is a board member.of NETEX, so we know our interests are and have never been a priority to him. He is pompous, and arrogant and cuts people short of their pleas to keep their home and land. This company TTC has to by law pay reasonable fair market value of your home and land, moving costs, finance for a new home, etc. Ask the people in Arlington how easily that went down when Jerry’s world went in.

  5. I agree, and while I wish it wasn’t so, I dont think he cares. We’re too small, and the project is too big. I’ve pretty much resigned myself that this road is going through, short of a change in their plans or lack of funding. With that said, as evidenced by my previous post and now censored language, I have no intentions of being quite, or for that matter civil.

    My farm is most likely not one they would take, however, I will still have to look at and listen to the thing. Thats doable, but watching my neighbors cry, one by one, over the possibility of losing their homes really pisses me off and encites me to cause them as much trouble as I can legally get away with.

    JoJo made me re-write my speech. 4 times… If any of you out there reading this are the bloodsuckers keeping watch, I’ll be glad to recite my original version face to face.

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