WFAA Channel 8 Editorial Comments about proposed Tollroad

Please watch this editorial.
Obviously with the citizens of Collin Co. being affected by the NCTCOG proposed toll road project, more media attention is being brought to bear to explain what is going on. We challange more media outlets to get involved so you can vote knowing what issues face Texas now and into the future.
It is about time the DFW TV media is finally discussing how in Texas your private land is yours until “progress” says its not, and you have very little to no recourse once the decision is made.
While it may not be in your backyard today, you should be very aware that in Texas you have the fewest rights in the nation that protect your private property from being taken in the name of “progress”. It’s sad when a “Progressive State” like California ensures that it’s citizens have more private property rights than a Texan.

One thought on “WFAA Channel 8 Editorial Comments about proposed Tollroad

  1. Texas toll roads should NOT be owned by private, for-profit corporations nor should private property obtained via eminent domain for private enrichment.

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