Bringing jobs back to the Blacklands area

Making Hunt Co., particularly Greenville, a better place to do business is the kind of progress we need. Keeping our investments in Hunt Co. instead of sending them to Dallas Co. via a toll road is in the best interest of everyone in Hunt Co. and  Collin Co. Here in Hunt Co. our future prosperity is on the foundation of a waterpark, a improved YMCA, and a proposed toll road…..

We already know the supporters of the project selected statistics to support their position that we need one, but lets all ask these politicians, that say a tollroad being shoved through Collin and Hunt Co. is needed, exactly how is this private tollroad going to bring business to back to this area or improve your lives?

They seem to be the same ones that were here ( or the bureaucrats in Dallas ) that waved bye-bye to the businesses that all left the Blacklands area, and a tollroad will bring them back?

This comment from a long time area citizen sums it up best. Even if he is off by one or two companies, the point is valid and clear. Just look around the area and judge for yourself. The politicians we have been re electing with low voter turn out -have let us down.

Lets fix this when you go to vote this month, and at the next election cycle.

“I grew up in Greenville with the Class of ’62 . Moved to Plano/ Richardson area in ’65 for better job opportunities but still have friens and family there. . Since that time no fewer that 30 companies in Greenville have closed or moved . They included Walker-McDonald (oil field drilling bits) , Robin-Hood Flour , Holsome Bakery , Martin Welding and Mfg (bumper hitches & grill guards) Walker Muffler Plant , Rubbermaid , Lance (peanut snacks) ENSCO (transformer mfg), Henson-Kickernic (ladies wear), TEXAN movie theatre ,McNatt Cadillac-Olds, , Greenville Steel , Barnhardt Machine Works, Knox Grocery , Safeway’s, Woodie’s Supermarket and others………..It wasn’t because Greenville needed a TOLL ROAD ………. we had I30 , Hwy 67 , Hay 69 , Hwy 380 .”