2 Tollroads nobody wants, except certain members of the RTC/ NCTCOG and they are trying to beat the clock before the newly elected represenatives change the agenda


With the political climate changing in Texas about the utility of toll roads and their value to solving our transportation needs, the RTC and NCTCOG are rushing to get these projects added to the agenda for approval as part of the amendment to the 2035 Mobility Plan or as part of the 2040 Mobility Plan. They know that the incoming elected politicians have the latest support of the public which is not to use toll roads as a solution and ensure that they spend our tax dollars specifically collected for transportation and ensure that they are not used for funding other pet projects. They know if these roads are not added in now, they wont be approved nearly as easily by the next group of elected officials that were elected based on the platform of ending the use of toll roads as a solution to our transportation needs.
Contact your local representatives and the NCTCOG http://nctcog.org/trans/corridor/blacklands.asp let them know how you feel about them adding in any new toll roads into our area and potentially putting the taxpayer yet again on the hook for paying for them if/when they fail to get the required private funding or when they go bankrupt.