Proposed Tollway threatens Equest Equestrian Therapy Center

This blog from the Dallas Observer highlights the frustrations and friction points of the tollway proposal. It has only had proposed routes without specifics for over 13+ months. Only in early September 2014 was anything that looked like a real route presented, and it had an entirely new name.
How could any real estate agent or owner or buyer know prior to 9/2014 what status a property was in unless you say that every property in the entire Blacklands Corridor Feasibility Study Area since 4/2013 was in a potential route for the tollway and every real estate agent should have known this and informed all potential buyers. If that’s the case, there’s a lot of real estate agents in trouble, and it seems a really beneficial equestrian therapy non profit business is caught dead in the path of this proposal for a privately owned tollroad.
(see link below).
The benefits of equestrian therapy are beyond reproach, this treatment helps disabled children and adults to recovering wounded warriors. If this surprises you, please read up on how it has been used for generations to treat people successfully when all other treatments have failed.
So on a big scale of life, we as a community need to choose which is more important to our community?
A new tollway or a non profit facility that treats disabled children, adults?
This example reaffirms the ongoing question in Texas-is any property you own yours?
What qualifies as due diligence with notice to the public?
What do we sacrifice to save 10-30 minutes to travel to Garland or Greenville? Or any route in Texas?
Do we make these sacrifices for a private company to build a tollroad?
Or do we use the tax dollars already collected properly to improve current roads?
We elected and empowered the people that will make this decision soon, make sure they know what you believe is most important in the big scheme of things.

3 thoughts on “Proposed Tollway threatens Equest Equestrian Therapy Center

  1. We do not need or want this. I think we need to concentrate on repairing what we have that is in poor shape as to adding something that is not necessary or needed

  2. We have a military museum located in Nevada which if one looks at the deliberately ambiguous maps published by the company is in direct line of rhis exercise In material greed known as a tollway.

    Our museum has been built by vets,disabled vets and their family and friends.

    We serve as a resource for schools and veteran/patriotic groups all over north Texas.

    Any reasonable attempt to contact the toll company has been met with stony silence and we have received little better treatment from the North Texas Council of Govt.

    They have proved to me they have little or no interest in what happens to homes and business alike.

  3. I noticed today that there is work in progress on the power line easement that cuts through this acreage now owned by Equest. They seem to be replacing the old wooden power line towers with new metal ones that have a smaller footprint. I’d noticed on the maps presented by NCTCOG and Texas Turnpike Corporation that one of the proposed routes seems to follow this power line easement.

    Does anyone know if this work is in preparation of road construction? Or is this just regular maintenance that was already planned and has nothing to do with the proposed toll road? If makes you wonder if some of these entities already think the toll road is a done deal.

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