State Invites More Toll Roads Amid Signs of Resistance

Does your representative at the local level and in Austin know how you feel about more toll roads?
Have they explained their position to you? Do you agree with them?
Contact all of your representatives, local, county and the NCTCOG and your State representatives that do support this policy and ask them to explain spefically why they support more toll roads. Then vote accordingly when they are up for re election.
You, the educated voter has the power to change the way you are governed. Make sure who you elect represents your views.

One thought on “State Invites More Toll Roads Amid Signs of Resistance

  1. Thought I’d write to let “My Representatives” know my exact feelings.

    I’m tired of being force fed to eat the crap our politicians have decided to feed me. I’m tired of special interest groups thinking they know best how I should be living my life. I’m tired of corrupt politicians, dirty cops, stupid teachers, and immoral religious leaders. Most of all, I’m tired of the fight of just trying to do the right thing.

    Paying taxes so we can fight yet another war, yet driving on roads full of pot holes. Having my hard earned money pay for those who wont get off their ass, while I still have much needed dental work to be done.

    In my lifetime of about 50 years, I have watched this decent country and great state erode to the point I no longer wish to call it my home. I tried fighting the good fight for years, only to realize one person doesnt stand a chance against a sea of idiots. So, I acknowledge your kill. Good luck to you and your children in this mess you have made.

    While just about everywhere on this planet now has issues of some type or another, there are many places that are not nearly as bad, and my retirement goal is to check them all out until I find one whose issues I can deal with. I have the opportunity to choose the problems, rather than simply being born into them. The only certainty I have, is that I no longer want to be here, no longer want to be one of you.

    Grand fantasy of walking out the door with my finger in the air would only serve to bring me down to your level, so instead, I bid you farewell with this thought:

    How much have you screwed this country and the state up, to have honest, law abiding war veterans saying the cause is lost, and the war not worth the fight anymore?

    My family came here 200 years ago, looking for a better life and to escape a terrible government, much like most of your families had done. Seems history is always repeating itself…

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