NCTCOG- Hey it’s not a problem of messaging, you aren’t listening to the hundreds/thousands of citizens that don’t want this tollway

You NEED to watch this video of the 9/11/14 Regional Transportation Council regular monthly meeting.
Select ITEM 10-skip to the 7 minute mark, and listen carefully to everything that is said from that point forward. Here is the link:
These politicians discuss what happened when 600-800+ people that attended the 9/4/14 meeting very upset having only recently being informed that their private property will have a toll road built on it or nearby, is maybe because we aren’t getting their perfectly planned message well, or possibly people are very upset and against the entire project!
The debate between the two people there is comical if it were not that after 4 meetings where hundreds have attended, not at any of the previous 4 meetings has a toll road proposal been publicly accepted or desired. They even recognize 600-800 people don’t show up to public meetings because they are happy with what’s going on!
Why they believe that at the 5th, and final required RTC public feedback meeting to an entirely new population now affected by an unwanted tollroad, would accept it.
Regardless, the RTC are boldly moving along as if the hundreds/thousands of people that are and have been showing up at the NCTCOG meetings are somehow for this toll way or the RTC could care less what we want. It’s even pointed out to the RTC members to be silent about the proposed tollway when asked by the public until after the 22d meeting,so to me and others it seems that the council is just checking the box with the “process” and not taking in the public input, they want to get that miracle 75,000+ cars and trucks to not use I30 or HWY 66 or HWY 380 but use the tollway.
Please listen for yourselves as the Blacklands/Northeast Gateway Project is presented as an “information item” with the intent to add it to the 2035 Mobility Plan – 2014 Amendment at the next RTC monthly meeting on October 9, 2014. Seems from this meeting, they are committed to this tollway and I’d bet they are more than ready to use your tax dollars to entice private investors (P3/CDA agreement yet again!).
Please attend the 9/22/14 NCTCOG Public Feedback meeting and tell them to listen-No Toll Road! Period!! No more P3’s/CDA’s!

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