Rescheduled Blacklands Corridor/Northeast Gateway tollway NCTCOG Meeting 9/22/14 6:30pm

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We just received this from NCTCOG.
The meeting to replace the meeting that was canceled in Lavon on 9/4/14 will be held at:

Monday, Sept. 22
6:30 pm
Rockwall Performing Arts Center
1201 T.L. Townsend Drive
Rockwall, Texas 75087

Note- everyone will be provided the opportunity to speak and/or leave written comments after the presentations by NCTCOG and TTC. There is no plan to prevent public feedback, it’s actually encouraged so have your statements prepared so you can use your time allotted to get all of your comments presented.

NCTCOG be posting to their social media now, and again, NCTCOG will send out formal notices by mail/e-mail starting tomorrow, but they wanted to get it out as soon as it was confirmed so the information gets out accurately.

12 thoughts on “Rescheduled Blacklands Corridor/Northeast Gateway tollway NCTCOG Meeting 9/22/14 6:30pm

  1. We received a notice in our mail box today (9/12/14), telling us that a NCTCOG
    meeting yesterday was our last chance to meet. Thank you for your posting.
    We will make more people aware. (Troy Rd. area)

    • NO, not true!- the September 22nd 2014 meeting in Rockwall is the last scheduled public feedback NCTCOG Blacklands Corridor meeting. Unless they create additional Blacklands corridor meetings, any future comments must be made to your County/State representatives and we ask you to enter comments and email comments to the NCTCOG/Blacklands Corridor webpage demanding no tollway is approved and if it is, it can not be a P3/CDA where our tax dollars are used to entice private funding, if it is a P3, this ends up where the taxpayer takes all risk and the private company gets all the profit. If it fails, we eat the loss and TXDOT buys the tollway back from the foreclosure bank and then still charges us a toll. See for examples other than the ones on our blog. TTC has to fund it 100% with insurance to complete the road if they go bankrupt prior to completion with no cost to us.
      Any comments you email to NCTCOG will become part of the public record, just as if you had spoken at a public meeting.
      This 9/22/14 re scheduled meeting is meeting 5 after 13+ months of NCTCOG public outreach. Yes the new proposed tollway route has caught many of you by surprise, but the information has been out there and the NCTCOG did try to inform as many as possible about the proposals, as we also did to prevent a toll road being built as part of any future new road in the Blackands Corridor.
      You can still have the ability to have a decisive impact to wether this tollway is even approved, but you have to act, be part of the process and stick together.
      Please note-TTC will be having their own private information meetings to inform the public prior to their final proposal to the NCTCOG in early 2015.If you want to hear from them, contact them and they will come and brief your community.

      • While it’s true that the September 22nd meeting is the last in a series of meetings, the toll road was added into the Mobility Plan later as a 2014 amendment. This is the first time the road had a real chance of moving forward. So there may in fact have been very few public meetings that mentioned the toll road in a way that would catch many people’s interest. Personally, I don’t count posting to their website some newsletters, and writing a few news articles as good public notice. I personally had never even heard of the NCTCOG. And please remember, if we ask for a meeting by the Texas Turnpike Corporation, they can say what they want to say. They are not legally bound in any was as a private company because, after all, their plans could change. Also, many of us take issue with the fact that they determined a need for such a road.

        • I don’t want to even sound like I’m trying to lecture you or anyone-writing a blog or a email is a cold way to communicate,but know our desire to see you protected from this project and the power we have lost over time to our government is powerful.
          The tollroad has been an issue in the area as a proposed addition to the NCTCOG 2035 Mobility Plan since Jan 8 2012. The only reason you know about it now, is that the new proposed route is now through your area, not north of you like it was since Jan 2012.
          The main reason we are trying to stop this toll road was not only the road itself, but the process in which it was created and then pushed on us. Now that the proposed route maybe away from our backyard, it’s still wrong on principle and we all are affected by the decisions of the NCTCOG.
          I don’t blame you for not knowing that before you heard about the proposed toll road, or even caring, it would have been a few more dollars added to your taxes, never noticed. We were all in the same position when we first learned our land was under the eyes of a project. Many of us didn’t know what NCTCOG, RTC, TXDOT, NETEX, etc. mean or do. You have to know. They all can tax, spend and use ED for their projects.
          However we as voters elected people that created centralized government bodies, the COG system, the RR transportation districts, etc that are all made up of elected local representatives, but execute policy and spend out tax dollars as an unelected body-outside of the local elected government bodies you would recognize from civics class. We the people have no real recourse to their centralized planning. San Antonio, Houston, Dallas,etc all have their COG’s that have entered into the P3 planning for tollways and other projects for decades. While their goal to coordinate the local area transportation and infrastructure projects into a flowing system, their unchecked power is a horrible consequence for a better system. The public resentment of tollways and gas lines being forced onto their private property has hit a boiling point. This should be a wake up call to everyone.
          We the people have to force out and/or influence our elected representatives to restore public oversight of our infrastructure. We can’t go through life not part of our local government anymore (Federal is a whole new can of worms, but their designs impact these local representatives!!).
          At a minimum the COG and all other transportation, infrastructure committees must be accountable to the people thru a public referendum if they approve a project we don’t want or need.
          We the voters have allowed Texas to become this way, not great to hear, not pleasant once you learn more about how the myth of the State with the most freedom in the nation is washed away when you see the numerous laws passed to tax you more at the local level (see Texas SB 1110-just made into law last session), the new “protection from ED ” law passed in 2011 that still makes Texas one of the few States with the greatest power in the nation to take your land thru ED, the centralized planning committees all created and grown stronger over the last few decades as we didn’t vote or vote well informed. It’s not a R or D issue, both parties are part of what we have now. Both will be in the future if we are not involved.
          The only recourse is for we the voters of Texas, is to get involved now. It’s hard, it takes time to learn how we have allowed our representatives create this system, and even harder to pressure our elected leaders to return power to we the people.

          • Thank you for that. You are right that I am coming into this much later than you. I agree with you wholeheartedly, this is a much bigger issue than just this toll road. My wife and I are slowly coming to the realization that the reason we moved here in the first place (that our freedoms would be protected) was false. It’s a hard lesson to learn this late in the game, and I’m glad to see we are on the same page about that.

  2. David Magness who is a County Commish for Rockwall County (and last one who voted for the outlandish courth house) made a talk Sat. 13th at the Rockwall Republican mens club. He is on the COG for the area and is also a Realtor (C21). He is 100% on board, he has long standing connections to the high ups with Texas Turnpike Corp. , he has been (dressed up, ie taught how to make a presentation and given a scritp to read from by both COG and TRCinc..

    One thing he did say that is important is that the RR from Wiley north is comming on line with a intermodal rail yard where the piggy back truck trailers will be off loaded at a huge new yard near Lavon dam’s western end. From there is says truckers will pick them up and the only route will be down Hwy 205 through the center of Rockwall (it being they with malice afore thought caused the concrete on the John King bypass (aka the road to nowhere aka D.R. Hortons free road) to weak to hold up trucks. Their plan there is to scare into submission voters to ok a toll road to keep the trucks out of Rockwall.

    State Senator Craig Estes from Wichita Falls is also in on the graft.
    He is pushing this evil plan when it has not one thing to do with his area.

    We need to find a way to get U.S. Senator Ted Cruz to bring to bear his skills on the Constitution/History of the Constitution on this use of ID by a private company. This private company in fact is just the front for the Saudi/or/Spanish etal outside the U.S. investors who are putting up the money.
    So what we have is non citizens , companies from outside the U.S. using ID aginst we U.S. citizens property owner/tax payers. It is 100% outside the intent of the Constitution and is only a greedy money cult coruption of our laws.

    Many of of the area know what is going on,, Rick Perry and the road companies, these toll road companies have blocked improvements as with the sorry state of Hwy 78 below the Lavon dam. They did this to force US, herd US in such a way we give up and allow the toll roads. The huge back ups and traffic jams are in fact a plan to get US to go along with their evil greed.

    Too, try to get Jessie Waters of FoxNews Bill O’Riley show to come and ask questions of the elected ones and these greedy Texas Trunpike Corp. (Saudi/Spanish what ever investors) types and get them on national record for their evil acts.

    Too long have we allowed evil to rule over U.S.

    • You have identified several individuals and companies by name that have possible other motives for this toll road. More important than letting your opinion be posted on this blog is the dissemination of factual information that educates us to know more so we can act/vote accordingly.
      Can you please expand this entry with other examples of their previous public statements or actions that support your posting?
      We have been contacting reporters to cover this story since January 2012. Many have been instrumental in getting the story right and informing the public in a timely manner.
      You identified key individuals you would like to see involved, please help us by contacting them and be part of the solution.
      Please note-with regards to the legality to ED powers granted to TTC, we the voters of Texas provided those powers, even though TTC was the last private company to purchase a license before that private ability was ended, it was under completely legal terms. Texas still remains one of the States where you have the least recourse against the use of ED to seize your property for a project. California protects private property rights better than Texas, despite our recent law changes. We the people have to correct this.
      The powers that other government entities have is because we the Texas voters have not been engaged with what our elected representatives are doing, so we share responsibility by not being part of our Republic and letting them continue with their behavior without pressure to change and even reinforcing their behavior by re electing them. Hopefully this tollway issue will be a wake up call to all Texans to get involved and know what is going on with their representatives and vote as informed voters.

    • “We need to find a way to get U.S. Senator Ted Cruz to bring to bear his skills…”

      Cruz favors the numerous trade treaties that the U.S. is entangled in and he supports the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Cruz will not help the individual property owner on this issue. These toll roads are all about getting the imported goods from the Gulf of Mexico, and from Mexico, across Texas and onto Kansas, Canada, and beyond.
      Rick Perry – he’s a (original adjective edited by blog) too. Seems everyone at the state level on up are bought and paid for with cash, not the People’s votes. I agree with Notollroad 2, the People need to start showing up at these local government meetings and voice their opinions. If we can’t influence government with our wallets, then we need to influence them by exposing what they do and bring enough voters out to threaten the bad guys’ chances of re-election. It’s all we have.

  3. Really I cannot see the necessity of this highway. All it will accomplish is stealing people’s land out from under them. This is an individually owned company from Spain? These people have worked hard all their lives for their homes and farms. If they take the farmland we do not eat “hello people”. This has been going on under cover by guess who ,good old govenor perry. Thanks a lot gov. The residents I have spoken to aren’t even aware this road is going to be built. I think we ought to stick to our saying. Don’t mess with Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Linda, TTC is an American owned, Texas licensed company. Yes it is possible that some of their investors could be foreign, but that is the free market when raising capital for a project.
      The toll road project has been in the news and out there to be seen by all since January of 2013, it just wasn’t going to affect your area until recently.
      We were all guilty of the same lack of awareness when the project was first announced. We had to learn how our government was really organized and what was going on. First item we realized is that our lack of involvement as informed citizens paved the way for all of these types of projects State wide.
      I’m not trying to lecture you or in any way dismiss your point of view, blogs are a cold way to speak to anyone, but know we are here to help educate all citizens and ensure your point of view is known to the NCTCOG and your representatives.
      I and many that are against the need of this toll road and the process in which makes it a possiblty is unfortunately the fault of every Texan that either failed to vote, or voted uninformed for the last few decades.
      I’d like to say that “Don’t Mess with Texas” would be a moving rally call to action, but facts show that we as Texas fail to vote when able,( low voter turn out) and tend to vote uninformed or only vote R or D without knowing what the people up for election will do or have done. It’s our fault we are in this position, and we the people are the only solution to ensure we elect people that truly represent our values.
      The days of not knowing what is going on in your town, county and in Austin are over-.unless you enjoy the government you have now.
      Please sign our petition, attend the 9/22/2014 meeting in Rockwall and contact your representatives and the NCTCOG and do more than express your displeasure and anger with the proposed tollroad project, make them answer specific questions as to why they support this tollroad and then vote accordingly when they are up for re election.

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