Texas AG information on relocation

According to the Texas AG: https://www.oag.state.tx.us/agency/landowners_billofrights.pdf
I believe this is important information to know when folks are told they will be “compensated” for relocation.

Advice provided by a prominent lawyer in Dallas that deals exclusively with ED and relocation litigation strongly advises that no one accept a deal from the government or government entity representing the government without legal counsel.

There are so many unexpected costs with relocation and if you try to deal alone with the government or their agents, you will not be reimbursed what you deserve-remember it’s their job to get you relocated at the lowest cost possible and remain within the broadly written law that governs these activities.
Of note-the most anyone will be compensated for any relocation is no further than 50 miles from their condemned property. ( unless your lawyer and the government reach a separate agreement).