Northeast Gateway Tollroad Factsheet


This fact sheet was provided by Neal Barker of the Texas Turnpike Commission.

Instead of rumors, here are the proposed routes that TTC have researched for your review so you can go to the meetings with the most accurate information.

Please note that at the bottom of page 1 is the timeline they are working under until they submit the final route for approval in 2015. The 9/4/2014 meeting in Lavon is public feedback meeting 1 with the last public hearing in early 2015, so please attend these public feedback meetings and send your feedback to NCTCOG and your representatives to have your voice heard. Please make sure you reference the new name, Northeast Gateway Project.

TTC also has their contact information on this factsheet if you want to ask for any information or schedule a meeting of your community to get more information directly from them.



5 thoughts on “Northeast Gateway Tollroad Factsheet

  1. This is terrible! The planned route looks to run through my neighborhood If not right nexga to it. The noise level from georgebush is already extremely loud so that we can’t even enjoy being outside during high traffic hours! Even 10pm last night was noisy!
    I also have friends that the route looks to run right over their property. We bought our homes on spacious land so we could have peace and that is all going to be trashed and our homes worthless. I’m not rich, I don’t have a fancy big house and all I want is the peaceful life I thought I bought and sunk my life investment into

  2. I agree with Dennis and Debbie. This is like a nightmare. This proposed toll road runs through our property. We have lived out here 25 years and almost have our home paid off. It’s not just a home, it’s a lifestyle out here. A place where we can have peace and our horses. We want to retire, not start over.

  3. I agree with Cathy we moved here 21 years ago after getting out of the military to raise our kids in the country where they could play without traffic. our place is paid for and we are on fixed income and my wife is disabled. renovation have been made to our home to accommodate her disability. we are to old and set in our ways to start over

    • Jennifer, there is no produced map that has the routes overlaid to scale. The best technique we have found is to bring up Google Maps and the TTC proposed routes .ppt at the same time and then find the west terminus ( the bulge at the GHWB tollway to the landfill) on Goggle Maps as a known point to follow the multiple options across to the eastern terminus( exit 89 I30 FM 1570). This has proven to be the easiest to scale method to see the exact points where the proposed routes cross HWY 66 and where it needs to go to avoid the Caddo Mills Airport. I wish I had a better tool to provide to reduce apprehension, but once the actual survey crews are able to make the measurements required, a scaled map with actual route won’t be available from TTC/Publicwerks.

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