Toll Road NOT DEAD!

Please read this article in the Dallas Morning News. The toll road idea is NOT dead. The bottom line is that our state officials are in love with toll roads right now. If they think the state can get a new road built by a private company, they are all for the idea. That way they can say they built a new road without raising taxes. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “Toll Road NOT DEAD!

  1. Saw the Dallas Morning news article. Moved to lavon just 2 months ago very near 205. Is there a proposed map for this new route anywhere? Thanks!

    • They are saying new maps will be available at the March meeting in Greenville. Stay tuned to this website and facebook for updates as they become available.

  2. The State of Texas and the NTTA absolutely has the legal right to build this road. The constitution of the United States says that eminent domain may be used to move people from their properties and give them fair market value for it. The legality of this move cannot be argued. Also, this road would be great for Hunt and Collin County. Eastern Collin County and Hunt County have not experienced any of the growth economically or residential that most of the rest of the metroplex has. Also, Hunt County has the potential to be a real economic mecca with Greenville having L3, Raytheon, and Interstate 30, and Commerce have Texas A&M-Commerce. The towns will grow, the schools will grow, the cities will grow and that will do nothing but raise the value of your respective properties. This toll road is both justified and necessary. The same type of people who railed against the Dallas North Tollway and the Sam Rayburn Tollway are reaping the benefits of it. This toll road will be built, and it is a question of when and not if.

    • This will be a limited access tollroad. Therefor it will hamper growth and limit traffic and growth on both sides. Who or what companies would want to build along a road with no access. None! There is no need for another “for profit tollway” to be built in this area. All this is doing is allowing TxDot off the hook to use the tax dollars you and I already pay to the State of Texas for improving the infrastructure already in place. It is time to say No More Tollways!

  3. So what do you guys think of Plan 9 from Outer Space? The new highway or toll road wouldn’t be built ON the NETEX right-of-way, but it could be built near it on either side, or both sides… Is this any better?

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