3 thoughts on “Collin County Commissioners Court: Northeast Texas Rural Rail District

  1. I can not believe they want another road and all the noise they plan to drive directly into my backyard. We pay more in time and gas to commute back and forth every day from work to have a quiet and peaceful life and now they want to ruin that with minimal or no compensation. This is just horrible and I will make sure that I find myself at every meeting we can find out about to make my complaints heard and understood.

  2. We moved our family here from Garland specifically to avoid the pollution and noise- to gain our idealic country life in the quiet where it is safer for our small children. This road will destroy our hard earned country lifestyle. I am seriously upset by this. My husband is serving in Afghanistan and this is NO WAY to pay him or our family back. A toll road would destroy everything we moved here to get away from. It will bring in the people we moved to avoid plus smog and noise pollution. I am 100% against this toll road. Leave our land alone or be prepared to fight me for it.

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