Link to 7-25-13 NCTCOG Meeting in Lavon

We ask everyone to read over all of the products that are included in this link.
7-25-2013 NCTCOG Lavon Meeting Products/link
Some of it is very dry, but it is the 2035 Mobility Plan and at this time nothing has been submitted or approved as a change,(such as the Blacklands toll road project). However some concepts that have been under consideration make sense to reduce congestion in the metroplex and are not going to change or impact quality of life in the rural areas,(e.g -the eastern loop toll road west of Rockwall-pg. 10 of 2035 Executive Summary).
Please add yourself to the notification list so NCTCOG will alert you to the next meeting and send you information about this issue.
The more familiar you are with how they are building the 2035 Mobility Plan and the transportation system it creates, the easier it will be to provide united feedback to NCTCOG if they determine any transportation issues in the Blacklands corridor and how we as a community want to solve them.
We are against any major new road project being built, especially the toll road project in the Blacklands Cooridor. By using key improvements to existing county roads and making sure any new roads are built where congestion is forecasted and where it will benefit the local community is our goal.
NCTCOG wants our feedback so use the link they have created and your County Precinct Commissioners to voice your views.

One thought on “Link to 7-25-13 NCTCOG Meeting in Lavon

  1. Please send an email to NCTCOG using their “contact us”links to express your opinion and views about how you want to see “transportation issues” in this area, ( the Blacklands Cooridor) resolved.
    The will respond to your email and pass along your input for review by the NCTCOG elected officials and transportation planners as they conduct this study. Your comments will be part of the public record on this issue.
    Keep in mind TTC/Publicwerks/CottonBelt Turnpike LP is continuing their feasibility study and will be presenting their findings and sales pitch to NCTCOG later this fall. I challenge all of you to have your comments in well before their study is presented and that you attend all meetings that are held about this issue.
    The people that want this toll road project to succeed want you to stay home, stay in the dark about the issue and the process.
    I look forward to seeing the same turnout + at the next meeting.

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