2 thoughts on “Transportation Study Starting (Greenville Herald Banner)

  1. I encourage everyone that was not able to attend the meeting in Lavon last evening to watch the video and review the products that NCTCOG produced as aids for visualizing the 2035 Transportation Plan.
    I was struck by how candid the board was about their skepticism
    regarding the turnpike option.
    I’ll be following up about the issue of the property along the RoW that doesn’t belong to NETEX that they leased to TTC to see what legal impact that has to the lease viability since it is in effect till 12/31/14.
    We need to continue to stick together and continue to attend these meetings and demonstrate our opposition to a major road of any type built in this cooridor,
    We are getting more folks in Collin Co. involved as they are made aware of this study,so if you live in Collin Co. and Greenville please bring your friends and neighbors to our blog/FB and encourage them to attend the next meetings.
    If you want a NoTollRoad sign, email us and we will get you as many as you need. We welcome any donations to our PR fund to provide signs and banners to educate the folks that new to this issue.

  2. The NCTCOG is going to be looking for transportation issues in the Blacklands Cooridor, and well they may find some. I am against the toll road project and any major new road being built to be a solution to a transportation problem that they may discover in this study. The NCTCOG will be looking for solutions if they find a “problem” so please think how we as a community will shape any future changes to our road network.
    I believe that there will be specific improvements to current roads such as FM6, 66 and others closer to Wylie,( as presented in the last meeting) to solve any transportation issues past 2035. I believe the best public use of the CottonBelt RoW is to use it for utilities (either below or above ground) to provide services to the metroplex. If that isn’t reasonable then I recommend that the land is held as is in reserve for a non State or Federal subsidized commuter rail to connect the metroplex with cities along the RoW. Given that private bus companies provide the best transportation service for the cost far cheaper than RR, I doubt that a non subsidized commuter rail will ever happen. If NCTCOG sees this as well, I ask that they sell the RoW to the adjacent land owners and use those profits to improve the county roads in the county in which the land was sold.

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