4 thoughts on “Toll road feasibility study beginning

  1. I don’t understand how netex can continue with their project if it has not been determined feasible ?? Has anyone contacted NTCOG to clarify ??

  2. It is my observation as a truck driver for nearly 30 years, toll roads do more harm to local business than they do good for the general population. Most truck drivers will tell you they will drive out of route to save the fees spent on toll roads. The general public does the same thing. This keeps traffic from passing through certain areas where businesses are located. So a toll road drives traffic onto back roads and make access to the businesses no located on the toll road hard to get to also. To move and build new businesses to locations along the toll road is very costly, most businesses will not spend the money to make that move. My advice would be to leave toll roads out of any planning for the future.

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