New Bill to allow Property and Sales Taxes to be used for construction of Toll Roads!

This proposed bill will affect all Texans, not just the ones against the the Blacklands Corridor proposal.
All of the discussion about no public money being used or our taxes being used for funding this toll road or any toll road is rapidly changing. If/when this bill becomes law, you will pay additional and higher taxes to travel on a toll road funded under this law, Plus the toll fee.
The initial version passed the Senate on 4/2/2013.
A modified version of the bill passed the House today and the revised version goes back to the Senate for final vote.
Contact our Senators ASAP to tell them you are against the use of property and sales taxes to fund toll road construction. The language of this bill is very broad and will lead to increased property taxes across Texas as local governments use it to deem underdeveloped or non developed land into Transportation Reinvestment Zones ( see Bill language in this link below).
This Bill, SB1110 was a surprise to NCTCOG and Hunt Co. Commissioner Jay Atkins.
Amanda Wilson with NCTCOG called it to the attention of their legal team so they could take a look at it.
Once again the people that we elected are moving very fast to pass legislation that we have no visibility on and will affect everyone in Texas. Get involved and let our State Senators and Representatives know that you don’t want your property taxes and sales taxes to go to construction of toll roads. They won’t use current rates, government always raises taxes.
Even if you are for toll roads are you for paying for road construction with your property tax, every time you purchase any item and then the toll to use the road?