Insurance increases for all home owners cut off from FD/EMS due to toll road

This is for letting every home owner(that may not believe the toll road will impact them at all) that will be cut off from their FD/EMS because of the toll road. The proposed toll road will cut 9 current Hunt county roads and will cause longer response times and increases in their homeowners policy.
Exact examples are impossible, each person must contact their agent and their address will show the increase based on the FD response route (which is still up in the air).
Protection class is determined by the fire department’s ability to reach property in a timely manner. 
Here’s a little info:
I would ask each everyone to inform their neighbors and ask them to call their agent about these increases and their local Fire department to see if they have any plans to mitigate the risk for the area in question. The fire chief should be willing to speak with you about it.