6 thoughts on “Toll road developer to speak in Commerce | 88.9 KETR

  1. I read the news section from the Commerce news paper, I figured TTC would go to them for support because of A&M, but what they don’t realize is this road wont be in their front yard, taking their residents homes and land. This was a low blow TTC. I hope there is someone there tomorrow to voice over the radio waves the overwhelming opposition from the people it will directly effect.

  2. Ok, I’m dying to hear what was said on the radio station today. I could not get 88.9. please someone tell me. thankyou

  3. Of course he did, he was thrown into the lions den here in Caddo. We had him shaking in his boots, lol.

  4. If you want to contact the reporter from KETR, after he interviewed 3 of us Friday, he left his contact information for others to contact him with their concerns about this toll road. His first reporting will begin next week, and he promises to follow this story since he has seen that the entire picture isn’t being presented by the local media, and he intends to present all the facts for the public to have.
    His contact information is Mark Haslett 88.9FM ,KETR.org or directly to him at Mark@KETR.org
    When he posts his stories, I will repost the link on this blog as a podcast for you to follow.

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