Just the FACTS, please

It has been brought to my attention that a property owner along the right-of-way contacted another property owner claiming that a 3rd owner came to a settlement agreement with Public Werks. This is NOT true. If someone tries to tell you what your neighbor has done, please call your neighbor and verify the information. I don’t know of any settlements. That does not mean there have not been any. If you are offered compensation, it is your right to decide how to handle that. If you want to sell, I wish you the best and respect your decision. If you don’t want to sell, I wish you the best and respect your decision. This is personal to each and every one of us in our own way. We all have our own reasons for making the choices we make. We are all responsible for looking out for our own best interest and that of our family. That being said, as long as there are those who want to try to stop this thing, this forum will be available to express concerns and opinions. Let’s try to keep the facts straight and make it clear when something is our opinion.

3 thoughts on “Just the FACTS, please

  1. I do not believe they( NETEX-TTC/Publicwerks) are seeking to find illegal ways to hide what they are doing, but are using the usual tools of business confidentiality and are not allowing what they believe is proprietary information to be released without their permission. While it may not be as transparent (and I feel any public official working on a project that will impact the public shouldn’t be constrained by any blanket non disclosure agreements), as we would like-it is normal for businesses to agree to keep their negotiations confidential so that any competition can’t get any advantages over them with any future competitions for contracts. The lease is between NETEX and TTC/Publicwerks, so we have to request thru the AG of Texas for their decison if TTC can keep the lease from being made public.
    I just wanted to express to everyone that no one is illegally keeping any information from us at this time. I also believe that our County Representatives are not sharing all that they could have for any number of reasons, ( too early in the process, no real details to share, personal agenda, etc). The fact that our own County Commissioners were not fully aware that this proposal/agreement between NETEX and TTC/Publicwerks was begun well before the court on the 8th of January and to this date that they don’t know the details of the lease (except for Judge Horn since he is on the NETEX board), in my opinion shows a lack of full transparency that I hope is not repeated as this process moves closer to review by the RTC and other public reviews. I ask that everyone please stay as informed and participate ( informing your neighbors, attending meetings, court, etc) as possible, and be part of the process. If we are not involved as informed citizens, then we by default accept what a few deem best for us.

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