Please add your feedback from Rep Flynn’s office about opposition to proposed Toll Road

I was contacted today by Jannis Milton (spelling?) and she stated she is a representative for Rep. Flynn and was responding to my letter against the proposed toll road project.
She stated that Rep. Flynn’s office has received numerous complaints, calls and letters all in opposition to the proposed toll road.
It was their (Rep. Flynn’s office,, understanding that this proposed toll road would be within the right of way that NETEX already owns.
I mentioned that NETEX only owns on average 100 foot of right of way and the meeting notes from NETEX and COG state that the proposed toll road is a profit making project to build a new commercial RR on the preexisting right of way. All of the supposed benefits( reduce I30 congestion, bring economic development, etc) are selling points, not the objective of the Toll Road. NETEX is solely focused on raising funds, regardless of the impacts to the current property owners concerns. I mentioned the 6-5 vote at NETEX because of some reps at NETEX are against the project because of the impact and the lease agreement as written. She was unaware of that vote. I mentioned that the meeting notes state that the toll road will need a total of 200 foot additional right of way and that the lease approved on Jan 9 requires that 50 foot of the current abandoned RR must remain for future development. This is a 200 foot total right of way being requested. I mentioned that if the toll road runs adjacent to the NETEX right of way, or through the developed farms, ranches and homes North or South of the abandoned RR, these homes, ranches and farms would have to be removed by both agreement to sell to NETEX and imminent domain for the owners that refuse to be bought out. Many are not willing to just take a check and give up on their way of life and their land for a private profit making scheme.
This started a conversation where she stated that Rep. Flynn has proposed legislation that would restrict the use of imminent domain more than it has been in the past.
Many of the topics we discussed were news to her, and she was unaware of the pace, scope and facts that have been accumulating since the Hunt Co. Commissioners Court meeting that tabled this motion for more time to study it.
I ask everyone that has been contacted by Rep. Flynn’s office to add your comments of your discussion on this blog for others to read.
She strongly stated that his office will be closely watching this proposed project and that if anyone has any additional concerns to not hesitate to contact his office by email or phone.

3 thoughts on “Please add your feedback from Rep Flynn’s office about opposition to proposed Toll Road

  1. What kind of pull does Rep Flynn have? Can he be a deciding factor? Does any of the proposed toll road project decision process have to clear his jurisdiction or is he just extra support and legal advice for us? Thankyou Chris.

  2. Kristen,
    He can also bring public attention to this project, use his position in Austin to get regional media attention which would benefit anyone that chooses to have their case heard in court by a jury trial.
    It’s really difficult to say what immediate support he would bring, but if his office is true to it’s word that he is watching this proposed toll road project more closely, it would be a chance to press his legislation to limit the use of imminent domain in Texas, which of all States that claim individual rights are protected here better than anywhere else, Texas uses it more than tax crazy CA!

  3. I am one of nine homeowners who purchased new homes built in 2006 along the NETEX right of way in the city of Josephine, TX. directly across from City Hall. If the toll road needs 200 – 300 ft they will need our properties. I knew nothing about a toll road coming to Josephine until I received a letter in December from another concerned citizen. This has been a very hush hush development. I have to ask myself WHY? Why was Rep. Flynn’s office lead to believe that this proposed toll road would be within the right of way that NETEX already owns? WE NEED SOME ANSWERS!!!! I DO NOT WANT A TOLL ROAD EITHER TAKING MY HOME OR LEAVING ME ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!!!

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