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A private company, Texas Turnpike Corporation/Public Werks Inc., is planning to build a toll road connecting Greenville, TX in Hunt County to Lavon, TX in Collin County.  This project plans to use the Northeast Texas Rural Rail Transportation District’s (NETEX) right-of-way property for the location of the road.  The railroad’s property is only about 100 feet wide, which is not wide enough to support the 4-lane divided highway AND leave room for NETEX’s rail restoration future plans.  That means private property will be confiscated in order to build the road.

If you own property along the railroad’s right-of-way, you can expect to have anywhere from 100-300 feet (maybe more) of your property taken from you “for the greater good.”  You will not be told about this in a timely manner. It is already in the works.

It is up to private property owners to take a stand and protect YOUR property.

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    • Robert , you don’t know me but I’m Beckie Nafikov, we live on CR 2720. We also do not support the toll road ! I put this site on my Facebook page, please let everyone know to please post on here. The battle isn’t over yet.

      • With such notice it’ll be hard for alot of folks to voice their opinion at the meeting. BUT there is ALOT of us not in favor of this.

  1. I do not know if Public Werks, Inc has done enough research on building this toll road. In Clinton to the noth of the railroad maybe 100 feet is a Caddo Indian burial ground. In the state of Texas it is illegal to distrub their burial ground. There are also some gas lines that run under the ground in this community. Also there are areas that flood with a lot of rain. When distribuing the lay of the land it can cause other areas to start to flood. I really think as a community we need to have a meeting and have Publi Werks, Inc. meet with us since it is our community they will wipe out with their toll road.

  2. Seems like this was kinda slipped under everyones nose. This affects alot more than people that are losing thier house. Where was our letter letting us know about this? Who voted yes on this and why? Caddo and Clinton area has NO need for a toll road, we are just fine.

  3. I have lived in Clinton since 1978. We moved from Irving Texas to come to the country life. This life that we have built for ourselfs and our children mean everything to us, if we wanted toll roads we would still be in the big cities !!!. Highway 380 has just been rebuilt plus we have I-30 and Highway 78. This Toll road is and would be a waste of money !! If you vote yes to this toll road my advice to you is to move to the DFW area, plain and to the point ! I know that we and our families, friends and surrounding neighbors will NOT stand by and watch our American dream go by the waste side without a fight !

  4. I don’t think a tollway is needed or wanted here. There is a reason we live in Caddo Mills and not Dallas, we don’t want to live next to a busy tollway!!!!! Let us live in the country!

  5. I also would like to know where those notification letters went. We live & farm on CR 2714 and the thought of us & our neighbors losing all/part our homes for a Tollway is insane. There is no need.

    Most farm/ranch families of today have to work off the farm to do what they love. Now someone wants to take our land & push us further away, for what? So a corporate entity can make some money? Will it help OUR community? NO!!!

  6. I`m all for some kind of community meeting because I`m against this also,like ever-one else I don`t need a toll road and the problems you know it will bring.I live on CR 596 and will be able to see this from my front door it will kill property value and yes they will try to do this when you`re not looking.

  7. Jay Adkins our Precinct 2 Commissioner will hold a meeting Jan 26th at 2 pm. Located at the Precinct 2 barn off 36 in Caddo.

  8. We live in Josephine and it would wipe out our little town. If people want a toll road to travel on let them move where there is one and leave us country people alone.

  9. I moved to the country to raise a family , not to listen to the traffic. Also for the school out here community ISD my be small but my children matter and that matters to me. If we vote for the toll road then we need to sit back and keep our mouth shut and put up with what ever comes at us. Now for me I love were I live, I like the night noises the sound of the owls, coyotes and the bark of a dog. If we let that toll road come through, then all of that will be lost and replaced with the ugly that will come off that toll road. Not only that we lose our homes, please don’t think for one minute that the State of Texas is going to pay you to relocate. So please say no no no toll road, if you can say no to drugs you can say no to the toll.

    • The toll road will encourage more people to commute alone. What you are interested in is public transportation, right?

  10. I’m not understanding padraig post. Are u suggesting public transportation instead of the toll road? Also your article speaks only of Collin county residents who travel to Dallas. This toll road effects Hunt county residents for the most part, . Can u clarify. ?

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