Conversation with Public Werks

Based on what was said at the Hunt County Commissioners Court workshop and meeting, a conversation with a COG rep, and a conversation with a representative of Public Werks, Inc.:

  • Texas Turnpike Corp (TTC) can not own more than a 200ft wide strip for this project. (I believe this is one reason why the NETEX right-of-way lease is important to them. This would give them an extra 50ft, at least.)
  • TTC has been recognized by the state of Texas as an approved tolling authority for 10 or 12 years, similar to NTTA.
  • The NETEX lease agreement was signed at the January 9, 2013 meeting. An upfront payment of $25,000 was made to NETEX from TTC for the initial agreement. The other details can be found in the agreement.
  • Public Werks is working with an investment consultant called KPMG to facilitate funding of their project through private investors.
  • Public Werks has been in meetings and discussions with parties involved in the Walton Development. These two projects are mutually beneficial to each other.
  • They have NO plans for any type of sound/noise or safety barriers along the toll road in Hunt County. If it backs up to your property, it will be an eye soar as well as a major source of noise.
  • There will be some type of agreement signed that will protect the profits of the toll road from any “adverse events.” (This can best be defined as a non-compete agreement. Meaning that if any existing road conditions are improved or enhanced in any way that might cause someone to choose a free road over their tollway, the toll company will be compensated for loss of revenue. So your tax dollars will help fund this private company’s profits…you get to pay for the road in tolls and taxes. This takes decision making for local roads out of the hands of your local officials for the next 50 years. In essence, it gives Public Werks a monopoly.)
  • The final route is not set in stone. (Contact your local officials to express your concerns and thoughts on alternatives.)
  • NCTCOG has bought in to the idea that this road is needed and wanted. Public Werks has met the 3-fold requirement of COG to be included on the long term plans for this area. The 3 requirements of COG to get a project like this on the plan are as follows:
    1. Funding
    2. Design
    3. Public Involvement
  • For the January, February, and March meetings of the COG’s Regional Transprotation Council (RTC) meetings, this project is an “information item.” It is being presented as 1 of about 10 such projects in the North Texas area for inclusion in a long term plan. These meetings don’t go into detail about the project, just states that it is an item to be considered. However, in the April RTC meeting, the project will be an “action item” and will be voted on and approved for inclusion in the long term plan. They hope to be able to start construction very soon after (within a year or two).
  • This is moving VERY fast. Public Werks has already started work on the environmental study that is required by the state. This is probably the final hurdle in getting this thing through. The best, and maybe only, place to get this stopped is in the Hunt County Commissioners Court.

Texas Law relocation limits for anyone that is moved or chooses to move

According to the Texas
the most anyone will be compensated for relocation is no further than 50 miles from their condemned property.
I don’t think many of us will find land and homes like we have within 50 miles of here.
I believe this is important when folks are told they will be compensated for relocation.

Public Werks, Inc. Presentation

Video — Click Here.

This is from the December 11, 2012 Wylie City Council meeting. The video presentation is very informative. To see the presentation in the video, look just under the video window and select the last item in the list “Work Session Item 2.” The presentation is long and you’ll probably have to turn your volume all the way up, but worth a listen. At about 36 minutes into the video a council member addresses the 100 feet issue, indicating that is not near enough width to build this highway.

Here is an excerpt from the full agenda. Click on the “Full Agenda” tab and scroll down toward the bottom for the WORKSESSION section.


  • Presentation by John Crew, Public Werks, Inc. and discussion regarding a Letter of Support for a proposed Toll Road Project between Greenville Texas and the President George Bush Turnpike. (M. Manson, City Manager)

Executive Summary
The Texas Turnpike Corporation (TTC) is a private toll road corporation that has legislative authority to build and operate toll roads in the State of Texas. Per the TTC representatives, the project is intended to alleviate traffic congestion in this area, specifically that of I-30 in Dallas and Rockwall counties. The proposed Phase 1 of the project would be built between Lavon and Greenville through a ground lease from the Northeast Texas Rural Rail Transportation District (NETEX). NETEX owns 88 miles of abandoned railroad right-of-way between Wylie and Mount Pleasant, which is commonly known as the Cotton Belt. As proposed, the project would ultimately connect with the President George Bush Turnpike.



Welcome! Thank you for your interest that began with the proposed Hunt/Collin County NETEX toll road. Your voices stopped the proposed toll road from being rammed into our community without regard to the community opinion. Right now the NCTCOG Blacklands Cooridor Feasibility Study is underway to see if there is a transportation need in this area to change/update the currently approved 2035 Mobility Plan,( in the Blacklands Corridor Study Area, a new tollway is being proposed- the Northeast Gateway Tollway). We are trying to gather information and public opinion regarding what this study may discover. We are also trying to show the NCTCOG that a tollroad is not wanted or needed. NCTCOG is moving quickly to resolve their study to end speculation as soon as possible and they need your input. Anything you can add would be appreciated.
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If you plan to send out flyers or posters with this address or our Facebook page address, please coordinate with us first! We want to present one clear and accurate message when posting information and presenting the NCTCOG with the real opinion of the residents affected by their decisions.

Update: We NEED email addresses! We NEED you to contact your elected officials, but we need to organize. An organized group can speak much louder. Please fill out the “contact us” form. We have mailed physical letters to all the physical addresses we could find that are adjacent to the right-of-way, but this affects SO many others. So please pass the word to your neighbors!

About the toll road

A private company, Texas Turnpike Corporation/Public Werks Inc., is planning to build a toll road connecting Greenville, TX in Hunt County to Lavon, TX in Collin County.  This project plans to use the Northeast Texas Rural Rail Transportation District’s (NETEX) right-of-way property for the location of the road.  The railroad’s property is only about 100 feet wide, which is not wide enough to support the 4-lane divided highway AND leave room for NETEX’s rail restoration future plans.  That means private property will be confiscated in order to build the road.

If you own property along the railroad’s right-of-way, you can expect to have anywhere from 100-300 feet (maybe more) of your property taken from you “for the greater good.”  You will not be told about this in a timely manner. It is already in the works.

It is up to private property owners to take a stand and protect YOUR property.