RTC Applies the Brakes

Finally someone recognizes that this project has been on the fast track with VERY little public support. The RTC has basically told TTC/Public Werks and Hunt County that they need to slow down and follow procedure. RTC indicates that this project has NOT done due diligence in informing the public and determining if this project is really needed. The link below is to a video of the RTC meeting on March 14, 2013. I am including a list of the relevant segments so you do not have to watch the entire video, unless you are inclined to do so. After clicking the link below, click on Item #10 on the right hand side of the page. Then you can skip to the following segments.


minutes 2:00-3:00
minutes 4:30-5:00
minutes 7:50-18:36
(This is the discussion segment. Judge Horn is in the red shirt, Michael Morris is the gentleman speaking on behalf of COG, and Duncan Webb (sitting close to Judge Horn) is a commissioner from Collin County. Webb is in favor of the move by COG to study this further. Collin Co. is not on board with the toll road.)

2 thoughts on “RTC Applies the Brakes

  1. This is NOT over, far from it. As stated by Michael Morris in the video, this project could still reach completion by the date TTC has been planning all along, maybe only slightly delayed. We can not back down or let up. We must remain vigilant. When RTC starts their public hearings and town halls, we have to show up in large numbers.

  2. I agree. I first heard of the project a few months ago. I own land which abuts the rr row. I could find little to no information on the project, not even a map which clearly illustrated where the toll road was to be. I am greatly concerned about this project and want to know more.

    Please keep me informed.

    Kindest regards,

    Sharon Gray

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