23 thoughts on “Proponents say toll road will spur growth in rural Collin, Hunt counties, but some remain doubtful – The Dallas Morning News

  1. Now that we have regional news coverage it more important than ever to stay on a message that will gain support in the court of public opinion. Please do not make threats or outlandish statements because you will be painted as a fringe element, easily discounted by the public or any official that is likely to be making a decision on this project.
    Our message needs to focus on the impact to Hunt and Collin Co. citizens for a “toll road to no where” where 100% of any monies made go to TTC/Publicwerks and NETEX not the community.
    This is and has to be described at every opportunity as a money making scheme for a struggling organization that will stoop to using imminent domain laws to get what the desperately need-funds to build their RR on the backs of senior citizens,(where will they go?who will provide them a new loan in today’s economy?), Veterans and their families, families that have owned their land for generations and farmers/ranchers that make a living on that land. 
    9 county roads that will become dead ends, (who will sort that mess out when homes need access in 10-20 years?)destroying the property values of any home or land owners in and around this toll road. In Rockwell Co. any similar property to ours is valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars more than in Hunt Co. today. If you own property in Hunt Co. or Collin Co. and the toll road is not built, you are guaranteed  that your property value will increase as those in the Metroplex will seek to move to a quiet area to live, (which is happening now) and the future growth in property taxes and profits for those that wish to sell is undeniable.
    We need to ensure that our message is clear and to the point- we shouldn’t be forced off of our valuable land to allow NETEX to roll the dice and hope that they make enough money to rebuild a RR, in a plan where no one but NETEX gets the profit and we will never recover the land value we already own. 
    Reality already shows growth is coming, our property is growing in value already and people are moving here specifically to get away from the urban sprawl. The roads that have already been built allow for travel to and from all areas of the Metroplex much faster than any other major city in the nation (try to live this close to D.C. and compare driving time to DFW airport!-we don’t even come close to a traffic issue). The toll road could prevent these roads from being improved to force the use of the toll road- in the NETEX 1/9/13 meeting, they couldn’t guarantee that a non compete clause wouldn’t be required, and if it is-any road that competes with the toll road will not be allowed to be improved for up to 50-100 years!!
    This project if approved will also be another use of imminent domain laws to use the government power to pick winners and losers and force the current winners off their valuable land, and have them sent off to fend for themselves, Hunt and Collin Co. will lose property taxes being collected from the property owners that are forced away or wont buy near a toll road while NETEX hopes that they get enough money to build a RR.

  2. Why do the news reports make it sound like there are just a handful people who are opposed to the toll road? The Commissioners Court was litterally overflowing with people rightfully upset over the idea. Commissioner Atkins’ Town Hall Meeting had well over 100 in attendence (I think he estimated 130.) The toll road is not just a “concern” for a small amount of people. It threatens to destroy homes, families, and lives for a lot of people.

  3. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but the reason Hunt County’s growth has stagnated is because of the backwards thinking of most of these people. As someone who had a toll road in Tyler run right through their back yard, I have seen it. Face it, Hunt County is going to grow, the same blackland dirt and prairie that now houses huge houses and communities in Collin and Denton County will do the same in Hunt county. It’s coming. Greenville’s population should be at least 40,000 by now and Commerce should have 15,000 or so but nnooooo we want a county that has nothing in it despite the potential for enourmous growth. If you want podunk, move to East Texas.

    • this is absolutely true, Hunt has been the stepchild of every other growth oriented and upwardly growth directional county around it. It has been stumped by Collin and Rockwall for 5 decades.

  4. Of course you think we think backwards because we think what you said is backwards. We want country life, where we live , to be stagnant, quiet, peaceful anyway u slice it, thats our argument. There are 2 different views, Ours is to preserve our country, quiet way of living. We drive to the city and would never want to live there. We are not oblivious to the fact that growth is inevitable but we are asking our Govt and county officials to use
    what we have, repair, renovate, etc. instead of

    letting a private company come in that is only interested in a profit for themselves, not even for our county. And for them to have the power of eminent domain to pull my American dream out from under me. Well I will tell u one thing, they will have to pull my home and land from my cold dead hands

  5. Brian, I hope I don’t sound disrespectful, but do you live in the area that will be so deeply impacted by this project? Are people overreacting when they say they don’t want their homes bulldozed for this project, or they just don’t want to raise their children across the street from an inaccessible major highway? Don’t people have the right to worry about what this will do to their property values and how it will affect their ability to move if they decide they do not want to stay? And don’t these people have a right to a voice, a say in what happens in their own community? How is it fair that the people in the western part of the county can be completely victimized, lives disrupted and destroyed, partly for the benefit of some people on other parts of the county, but mostly for the benefit of a private corporation?

  6. Brian

    No bubble bursting here… this is my home, my farm and my business. It’s not for sale.

    There is plenty of room for people to move out here, the more the merrier. There are some new homes available but not many. There maybe an older home for sale here and there. You might also find vacant land…if you can, buy now. But the majority of us don’t want to sell.

    You may have read in the news that the developers or some county officials are saying this will help our cities. Reality is, if the road goes along the current Cotton Belt path it will wipe out a good portion of Nevada & Josephine and take out/cut off a large section of unincorporated Caddo Mills. That is not progress or growth, far from it.

    In Hunt County alone there are over 190 homes with in a 1/2 of the proposed road. That’s homes that will be lost, homes that will now back toll road and homes that will be cut off from town (schools, emergency services…). This is a loss of property values to those that have to live so close.

    Let me tell you about some of those who will be forced to lose their homes: Sr Citizens-Who will give them a loan for a new home? The average age in Hunt County is 58. Ranchers/Farmers-How far do they have to go to be left alone? They worked hard for their land and support the community by providing food for others. Why should they be forced to move and start over somewhere else? Veterans and current Military Families-They fought for our country and now this private company wants to take their homes. Is that how we should treat our Service Members? Young Families-They put everything into getting their homes and not all will be able to qualify to purchase a new home.

    Let’s talk about growth – Greenville has less businesses this year than last. Commercial vacancies are up. Corporations have left, Rubbermaid did. It’s not because lack of this proposed road. In fact 380 has been expanded. Hwy 78 is currently being expanded to 6 lanes from Lavon to Farmersville. This is more than enough to handle all this “crazy growth spurt” we are having out here in the county.

    Just because an private company, who by the way has no experience with a project like this, wants to pay for a road doesn’t means this is the right place for it. Let them think it over and figure out a better place for it.

  7. Let’s not forget that pretty much the entire community of Clinton will have to be wiped out to make way for the on and off ramps.

    • I drive through Clinton everyday almost and I feel very sad when I think about the homes and the trees that will be destroyed when this takes place. I live off of 2720 and we moved here from Dallas because we hate the City life and we love living in Caddo. It’s sad to see the route that they are planning to take through Caddo and everything that will be destroyed.

  8. Whats funny is that if it did not affect any of you, none of you would be raising cain about it. Its eminent domain. It is in the Constitution of both the United States and Texas.

    And no, it would not affect me directly, but where I am from, they are wanting to build a lake roughly 3 miles from where I will inherit 200 acres. I say bring it. If it increases traffic then whatever. It is called progress.

    There is a battle between those who want to develop Hunt County and those who want it to stay the 80,000 people or so County it is now and not grow another inch. They said the same thing about the George Bush Turnpike, and the Sam Rayburn Tollway, the people in Frisco thought it would destroy the wonderful and beautiful flat black dirt. And now look, it is the model of a booming and thriving economic town. Greenville and Commerce, especially with a major University in the County, could really be a solid metro area. That is what brings people in and develops areas. If you are hellbent on being completely isolated, move to West Texas or some parts of East Texas where your rituals of fun friday nights of eating at a Mexican restaurant and then going to Wal Mart will not be infringed upon.

    • Brian, please use this forum to explain how a profit raising scheme created solely by NETEX to raise funds for a future commercial RR along the RoW they own by building a “toll road” to raise these funds and requires the use of imminent domain to be successful- is clearly for the public good. All of the talk of improved service, decreased traffic, prosperity are all red herrings to sell this project to the people, and get the boxes checked for application for the use of imminent domain and gather financial support. 
      Since I did serve to protect yours and all points of view in all matters in this Republic, I  recommend instead of attacking or disparaging the way of life the people of Hunt and Collin Co. that are directly affected by this or are also against the abuse of imminent domain, please state a logical reason or argument for why a RR company (NETEX and the other partnerships ) should be allowed such power over multiple counties to seek the use of imminent  domain to grab land that isn’t for sale only to raise funds to build a commercial  RR on their RoW.100% of all funds go to NETEX and the toll road operator, none goes to the public. The local governments will lose control of all roads(380, 66,6 I30,etc) that  might compete with the toll road for 50 years and possibly 100 years ( 2 25 year options). The investors will get it in writing as all others in Texas have that no improvements and on other roads, they will insist that stop signs and lights will be installed on alternate routes to force traffic to the toll road. If the toll road fails, 100% of the loss will be absorbed by the taxpayer. If you doubt this, read your recent Texas history.
      If you can form an argument for why this business model respects Texans and Americans morals and ethics, along with their rights of ownership of property, and complies with the law signed by Governor Perry in 2011 to actually prevent this exact abuse of imminent domain-then please explain. 
      If folks think this is a good deal and want to sell, fine-point is, few if any want to sell. In 5-10 years, their land will be worth double as folks move west to develop new housing and infrastructure. Investment that will allow current property owners to make a substantial profit if they choose to sell or pass that investment to their family. Selling now to NETEX and the toll road at the current market, is practically stealing the land on the cheap, and ruining an area N and S of the toll road. All property owners that are cut off by this toll road, your insurance will go up substantially since the Fire Department can’t get to your home in 10 min or less but up to 30 min or more. Call your insurance broker and ask what impact this will have since there is no fire hydrant on your block. More people are affected by this in negative way than they realize.
      It is sad that you will lose up to 200 acres to a water reclamation project that will benefit thousands of people as Texas grows. However, you will get compensated and your home isn’t bulldozed. Plus water doesn’t make noise 24/7 and the project complies with the law. Still, its unfortunate for you understandably, but apples and oranges to this issue.
      If all you want to do is look down on your neighbors as backwards and behind the times in their ways or their pursuits of happiness, keep your comments more reserved and remember that we are all neighbors, and someday you’ll need our help. (unless you are really Jerry Jones

      • oh please the volunteer fire dept cant get there in 10 mins to your house now. that’s all smoke, your rate cannot go up on such shoddy data. they cant get there because they are VOLUNTEER and second they don’t have a fire dept every 12 miles, so give up that excuse,its poor at best

  9. Brian, what I think is funny is that you presume to know us, Caddo Mills is my home not just my physical address and this toll road may not be directly effecting me but I am fighting on the behalf of my town and fellow neighbors. Have u looked up your stats, Brian? Since the construction in Frisco, crime has also risen as well. Air quality has decreased . You think you know us out here and you don’t. Quiet Friday nights firing up the grill w/ neighbors after a trip to Walmart is my kinda night. Your lucky I respect your views, thats how we roll. Otherwise I would tell u to keep off this website.

    • Being able to see a beautiful sunset on your drive home and all the neighbors shooting off fireworks on July 4th. This will be taken from us as well.

  10. I moved to this “Podunk” town and bought a nice home on an acre. I was willing to drive an 1-1/2 hours each way to work in Dallas. I am willing to put up with drawbacks of having to drive a distance to do anything. The point is I chose to live out here. Now I find out my backyard is going to overl

  11. Brian-

    Your views are an exact representation of those we moved out here to be away from. Your comments are smug, disrespectful, and arrogant, again, those we moved to be away from. Your lack of understanding the impact a toll road going through the middle of farming community and the lives it will severly disrupt, shows you are either ignorant of the situation, or just such a jerk that you dont care. Again…

    If you like what Frisco has become, might I suggest you move. Then, you could have your Starbucks latte, enjoy your free wifi on your Mac, and be surrounded by the rest of your arrogant herd.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna shoot that darn rabbit that keeps eating the horse feed, have him for lunch, then head to Walmart…

  12. Mike, that was AWESOME! !! Well said. Notice Brian hasn’t responded to any of us. Oh save me some of that rabbit, I will bring the fresh farm grown onions and carrots, we’ll have stew. 🙂

  13. Kristen,

    Thank you, but the rabbit (and his friend) are gone already. 😉

    As Brian assumed to know us, my post was obviously written as satire. However, I unfortunately DO KNOW the mentality of arrogant “city folks”. I grew up on a farm, but eagerly took off to join the service and see the world. Having seen the city lights in 32 countries, I came to adopt the mentality, and lived in cities until three years ago.

    I had received my bachelors, then masters in the service, then attained my PhD a few years after I was out. I had the largest home in the development, the coolest cars, and every guy toy one could think of. I thought that was what was important and what was expected of me. Though I was never a jerk, I was arrogant.

    I woke up three years ago one morning, and realized I hated what I had come to value, and decided to get back to my roots. I’m a country boy at heart, and through the years of living the city life, I had lost that fact, but found it again and feel I am a much better (and happier) man for it.

    So unfortunately, I do know the type. It exemplifies everything I have come again to despise and regard with contempt…

  14. Oh you all think you are so funny. LIke I said, this would not be an issue if it did not affect any of you. To the guy who tried to play the Veteran card you are talking to a guy who just got an honorable discharge from the Air Force. And for those of you who are saying I am being smug and arrogant, why yes, yes I am. I have ties to Hunt county. My Great Grand father, my Father and I all graduated from Texas A&M Commerce. After that I went into the Naval reserves and then the AF and then got my MBA from TAMUC as well.

    Now for those of you who said I came accross as smug and all that, well you were not very polite either. What is wrong with being a 20something who wants progress? Because do you know who does? The Students of Texas A&M Commerce do. The residents of Commerce do. The residents of Greenville do. The Residents of Wolfe City and Celeste do. Thats close to 50 thousand people. So your idle threats and wanting to kick me out are mute so just cut that out. I am from East Texas (Tyler area) and I lived my last few years in High School in a small town that was anti-progress while all the towns around us were growing, the minority kept going on and on about how it was grandpappys land from back in the late 1800’s. And guess what, that is what you are all in, the minority. That is all I will contribute here. With all respect, I do wish all of you who will be affected the best, and I wish Hunt County the best and wish to see it grow to the best of it’s ability.

  15. Brian

    I am sure you can tell, this toll road is very personal to us, yes, the home and land owners that are effected. You know very well as a veteran that we all protect what is important to us. For this group, it is our homes and community and what is right and wrong. What you don’t know, there are some in this group who don’t have a dog in this fight, but they are still standing up for what the believe in. And yes you will get snarky replies when people don’t agree on the issue at hand. But you will also get solid information if you ask. For us this is not a debate, this is reality.

    If it wasn’t here, there would be others fighting the same fight. We would still not approve & do what we could in support. There are so many wrongs with this project and I’m sure if you wanted to hear more we would be happy to share that information with you. In fact, if it weren’t for this group this project would never be heard of until a ribbon cutting.

    Roads do always equal progress, but communities do. We are for progress done wisely. TTC does not have plans to develop the toll road to Commerce, Wolfe City or Celeste, if they do, they have not mentioned it in any of the meetings I have been to. Communites should not count on roads breathing new life into their economy, they need to offer a reason to go there.

    Please show the same respect for your brothers that you are currently asking for yourself as a veteran. Most of the people responding to you have or are currently serving or are married to a service member. We do expect more, it is an honor and it is never mentioned lightly.

    Thank you for your service and best of luck to you.

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