2 thoughts on “Clash Between Large and Small Counties

  1. A well thought out & written article. This is pretty much describes how I felt at the Hunt County Commisioners Court Meeting, small town trying to cling to any hope of growth without long term plans. Greenville needs to work on their own problems, prove they can do effective work with their budget and make growth happen with what they have on their plates now, not hoping this that project will solve all their problems.

    Residents of Precinct 2 in Hunt County know more about this project & how it will effect us than some of the Commissioners that will be voting on Tuesday. I hope they will listen to us as WE have put alot of time into our research, I wonder what they have done to prepare for this vote?

  2. I was one of the two citizens at this meeting.
    This article is an accurate representation of how the meeting was conducted and the issues at hand.
    There was so much speculation and ambuiguity to the project, the lawyers for NETEX couldn’t provide simple yes no answers to direct questions from either of the two Colin Co. representatives. One specifically was would there be a no compete clause that would impact the current local roads ability to be improved.
    I do agree with the author of this article that a small number of people feel empowered to make huge impacts to thousands of private citizens without taking the communities long term considerations into account.
    Please contact your State Representative to share your views on this project. Already Rep. Flynn’s office is getting numerous emails and calls. Please demand a response from any representative you contact.

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