Precinct 2 Town Hall Meeting 26 Jan 2013 2 PM

We did meet with Commissioner Atkins on Monday afternoon to add discussion of the proposed toll road project to the agenda for the upcoming Town Hall.
The Town hall will have 2 main agenda items, first Hunt County government business, then the toll road project is on the agenda. A short presentation from Publicwerks INC. followed by Q&A about the toll road project can then be made to the exact people offering to build the proposed toll road for NETEX.
We did contact Neal Barker and John Crews+ anyone they deem appropriate to attend so that you can ask them specific questions about where the toll road can be located (since it’s route is not tied to the RR right of way) and answer TX law limits and requirements about relocation if anyone chooses to move or is forced to by the government granting NETEX( or the designated private entity) the authority to force you to move if the toll road project is approved.
We ask that anyone that lives within 1 miles N or S of the RR right of way attend, because you are most likely to be directly affected by this proposed toll road.Anyone that lives within 2 miles of the RR right of way will be most likely indirectly impacted due to the design of the project, so we ask as many people attend this Town Hall so that everyone is as informed as possible.


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  1. If younare in Down town Caddo, turn right onto Hwy 66, pass Payne’s grocery, turn left on Hwy 36. The Precinct 2 barn will be on your left about a quarter mile. There is a sign out displaying the date of the meeting.

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