TX DOT info on SH130/ Moody’s downgrade of SH130 to junk status and in technical default

Past performance is the best indicator of any future potential. Everyone that is interested in the latest tollway should take note of the issues SH130 is having.

TTC/Publicwerks is presenting their project as a 100% private funded tollway. However there are members of the NCTCOG that want to ensure this tollway is built by entering into a P3 relationship with TTC to encourage private investment. Please contact your representatives and the NCTCOG and state your opposition ( or support ) to entering into any new P3 project with providing any public money or entitlements such as non compete clauses to any private company.


Moody’s Investment Service today declared the southern half of the State Highway 130 toll road to be in ‘technical default,’ saying it rescheduled rather than made a June 30 payment on it’s $1.1 billion debt, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

“By executing a waiver agreement, we understand that the project is not in legal default,” according to a Moody’s investor note. “However, Moody’s view is that the failure to meet the full payment that was originally scheduled for June 30, 2014 constitutes a default under Moody’s definition.”

SH 130 is a state-owned toll road being developed under public-private partnership with the SH 130 Concession Company. Under the agreement, the developer is designing, constructing, operating and maintaining the toll road over 50 years. There is a $1.3 billion private investment in this project which is failing to meet its payment obligations. This is yet another P3 project falling short of projected and advertised private funding support being sustainable. 

Texas AG information on relocation

According to the Texas AG: https://www.oag.state.tx.us/agency/landowners_billofrights.pdf
I believe this is important information to know when folks are told they will be “compensated” for relocation.

Advice provided by a prominent lawyer in Dallas that deals exclusively with ED and relocation litigation strongly advises that no one accept a deal from the government or government entity representing the government without legal counsel.

There are so many unexpected costs with relocation and if you try to deal alone with the government or their agents, you will not be reimbursed what you deserve-remember it’s their job to get you relocated at the lowest cost possible and remain within the broadly written law that governs these activities.
Of note-the most anyone will be compensated for any relocation is no further than 50 miles from their condemned property. ( unless your lawyer and the government reach a separate agreement).

Northeast Gateway Tollroad Factsheet


This fact sheet was provided by Neal Barker of the Texas Turnpike Commission.

Instead of rumors, here are the proposed routes that TTC have researched for your review so you can go to the meetings with the most accurate information.

Please note that at the bottom of page 1 is the timeline they are working under until they submit the final route for approval in 2015. The 9/4/2014 meeting in Lavon is public feedback meeting 1 with the last public hearing in early 2015, so please attend these public feedback meetings and send your feedback to NCTCOG and your representatives to have your voice heard. Please make sure you reference the new name, Northeast Gateway Project.

TTC also has their contact information on this factsheet if you want to ask for any information or schedule a meeting of your community to get more information directly from them.



New Route update for the Northeast Tollroad / Blacklands Cooridor Tollroad

Northeast Gate Map Lavon-Wylie portion

( Blog Note- This map was passed out to community members in the Wylie area, it was not provided by TTC to our blog).


“Plans for the tollway would have the road cut between Community Park and the Garland landfill. The road is expected to be mostly four lanes, spanning 27 miles from PGBT to FM1570. An impact study of the proposed project showed some houses directly in the path of the road. While Public Werks does have the power of imminent domain, (Neal) Barker said the ability would only be used in extreme cases.

According to (Neal) Barker, there has only been one other private toll road in the state: the Camino Colombia Toll Road in Laredo. The Camino Colombia tollway opened in 2000, and by 2003 it was foreclosed due to lower-than-projected traffic counts and high costs, among other things.”

(Blog Note-The Camino Colombia tollway was foreclosed on late in 2003, and was purchased by its main creditor, the John Hancock Life Insurance Company, for the minimum $12 million, 1/6 of the construction value. The only other bidder was the Texas Department of Transportation at $11 million. The route was subsequently closed to all traffic until May 2004 when TxDOT purchased the route from John Hancock for a negotiated $20 million.).


The next public meeting is in Lavon at 6:00pm on Sept. 4 at the NeSmith Elementary School   801 Presidents Blvd. Lavon, Texas 75166.

Please attend in order to get the most up to date information and make your voice heard. If you can not attend, please use the big blue comments button on the Blacklands Corridor website http://nctcog.org/trans/corridor/blacklands.asp and your comments will be entered into the public records, just the same as if you had spoken at the meeting.



The Texas Tribune: Firm Proposes Private Toll Road Northeast of Dallas

This was in today’s Texas Tribune:
Firm Proposes Private Toll Road Northeast of Dallas, by Aman Batheja.
“The Texas Turnpike Corporation of Dallas wants to build a private toll road in an area northeast of Dallas. If built, the road would be the only private toll road in the state and one of the only such facilities in the country.”
There is probably a good reason this model isn’t replicated anywhere else in the nation.
Please stay abreast of the facts on the NCTCOG Blacklands Corridor website and attend the meetings in order to get the latest updates. Make sure you stay involved with your emails to your local Precinct Commissioners, your County Judge, the NCTCOG, circulating the petition, and filling out the NCTCOG Blacklands Corridor Survey.
Make sure your voice is heard because it does count, not writing or attending the meetings and speaking your mind is the same as saying yes to the toll road.
For those of you in support of a toll road, please comment about why you support it.

Take the NCTCOG Growth and Improvement Survey today!

Everyone, please go to this link and take the survey which will drive the NCTCOG initial review of public opinion about adding rail, or a bike trail or even a new road project to the current 2035 Mobility Plan. The survey is weighted to get you to select some form of transportation improvement. If you don’t know the 2035 Mobility Plan, get the copy and read over the short presentation. Know what is planned so you are not sucked into solving a problem that doesn’t exist or has a programmed solution.

Simple solutions improving our current roads, like banning trucks in the left lane of I30 from Greenville to Garland and/or making the frontage roads one direction each, and those changes alone would reduce traffic that slows movement to and from Rockwall/Garland due to the causeway across the lake. Allowing HWY 66 to become a 4 lane would revitalize Caddo Mills and remove the impact I30 had on the city by bringing local traffic back to 66 from Rockwall to Greenville. Royce City is growing due to their part of 66 being improved, why not Hunt Co. towns and cities getting the same oppurtunity.Choose your selection carefully and remember his survey counts!

The survey is located on the right side of the webpage in a square showing a car and the question written in orange. There is another survey below it about how information is flowing from NCTCOG to you.


Also please write the NCTCOG an email stating your opinion on how the Blacklands Cooridor should be developed or not developed. Each of your emails will become part of the public record. However, it’s easier for the NCTCOG to see a survey results than read hundreds of emails, so make them do their due diligence and submit both.

This issue will be with us for our generation since Hunt Co. joined the Metroplex. We are looked at as flyover/drive thru land. People outside of our area don’t see our communities, only possible profits from our land. Don’t allow your future to be dictated by politicians. Be part of the solution and growth of our community.

NCTCOG makes decision end proposed Cottonbelt RoW Toll Road

The NETEX/Publicwerks Toll Road that was proposed to run from Greenville to HWY 78 and onwards to the GHWB Tollway is no longer being considered. The Cotton Belt RoW was deemed not suitable for the construction of a new roadway.

NCTCOG has a public meeting scheduled to brief the latest developments In Greenville and the North Texas area on the 20th of March. Please visit the NCTCOG website to get the latest information.


There are ongoing plans to amend the 2035 Mobility Plan.


scroll down to the Far North Dallas Tea Party HD 102 Forum.

This plan to develop a passenger rail along this RoW is one of many proposed amendments to the current Mobility Plan. It is meeting with public resistance since it would be at considerable public subsidy with your tax dollars, so don’t stop paying attention to what our elected officials in the Metroplex are contemplating with our tax dollars.

I expect these proposals to be discussed at the meeting on the 30th of March.

Link to 7-25-13 NCTCOG Meeting in Lavon

We ask everyone to read over all of the products that are included in this link.
7-25-2013 NCTCOG Lavon Meeting Products/link
Some of it is very dry, but it is the 2035 Mobility Plan and at this time nothing has been submitted or approved as a change,(such as the Blacklands toll road project). However some concepts that have been under consideration make sense to reduce congestion in the metroplex and are not going to change or impact quality of life in the rural areas,(e.g -the eastern loop toll road west of Rockwall-pg. 10 of 2035 Executive Summary).
Please add yourself to the notification list so NCTCOG will alert you to the next meeting and send you information about this issue.
The more familiar you are with how they are building the 2035 Mobility Plan and the transportation system it creates, the easier it will be to provide united feedback to NCTCOG if they determine any transportation issues in the Blacklands corridor and how we as a community want to solve them.
We are against any major new road project being built, especially the toll road project in the Blacklands Cooridor. By using key improvements to existing county roads and making sure any new roads are built where congestion is forecasted and where it will benefit the local community is our goal.
NCTCOG wants our feedback so use the link they have created and your County Precinct Commissioners to voice your views.

Lease between NETEX and TTC/Publicwerks (CottonBelt Turnpike LP)

Here is the lease that TTC/Publicwerks asked the Texas AG to keep out of the public record.It took until last Friday to get the lease made public.
Please note-NETEX had no issue releasing this lease back in January.

AG Letter with Enclosures & copy of lease

The content of this lease was a major reason that there was a 6-5 vote by the NETEX board at the approval meeting in January. Specific changes to the lease discussed in previous meetings that were supposed to be included, were not included in the version that passed. The 5 nay votes do not see this lease as being a good business deal to meet the funding requirements that NETEX requires.
Also, the possibility of a non compete clause is not clarified in this lease and could be required by investors.
Another recent issue is the new bill that was sponsored and introduced by Rep. Dan Flynn that became SB 1110 that now allows local governments to use sales and property taxes to fund toll roads opens the door as a funding tool for public money to be used to fund this toll road. While this hasn’t been suggested yet, the enthusiasm that Judge Horn has shown for this Blacklands Corridor toll road, I could  see him looking for a reason to seek approval to gain access to the tools of this new law to fund this toll road ( and no doubt other projects).

Look over this lease with as much detail as possible and bring up your questions here in the blog and at the NTCOG and RTC meetings and demand answers to your questions.