NCTCOG Public Meetings

NCTCOG has 3 meetings planned for March 11, 12, and 13. We need a really good showing at at least one of these meetings. Times and places are listed on the events page. The one most convenient is probably at 6:30pm on March 12 in Richardson. Please post on this site or facebook if you can attend. These are meetings where public input is encouraged. They need to hear us loud and clear regarding the toll road. The regular RTC monthly meeting, which is on March 14, is open to the public, but the public is not allowed to speak. From we understand, this month the Blacklands Toll Road is still an information item. Next month at the RTC meeting, it will be voted on as an action item to add it to the Metropolitan Transportation Plan. Then things may really get interesting.

PLEASE sign the petition

Click the following link to be re-directed to the online petition…

Ideas to help get the message out.

1.) Email friends, family, coworkers, neighbors….etc. Ask that they sign and share the link. (If you dont’ have a FB page, email friends or family who do and ask them to spend a few minutes to help us out and post the link.)

2.) Post on your facebook page, explain that you will directly be effect. Ask that they sign and share the link.

3.) Post on facebook pages for neighboring cities, mom’s groups, farmer’s market pages, team facebook pages, activist pages, county pages, unit pages, school pages, business pages, local TV news pages, radio pages and other media outlets. (If you go the the local FB pages and read through the posts, see if you can find any mention of the toll road. Respond to each of the post with the link. This way those people who posted questions or concerns will get the notification that you responded to the post with the link.)

4.) Tweet, Pintrest and Instagram about it and share the link

Just the FACTS, please

It has been brought to my attention that a property owner along the right-of-way contacted another property owner claiming that a 3rd owner came to a settlement agreement with Public Werks. This is NOT true. If someone tries to tell you what your neighbor has done, please call your neighbor and verify the information. I don’t know of any settlements. That does not mean there have not been any. If you are offered compensation, it is your right to decide how to handle that. If you want to sell, I wish you the best and respect your decision. If you don’t want to sell, I wish you the best and respect your decision. This is personal to each and every one of us in our own way. We all have our own reasons for making the choices we make. We are all responsible for looking out for our own best interest and that of our family. That being said, as long as there are those who want to try to stop this thing, this forum will be available to express concerns and opinions. Let’s try to keep the facts straight and make it clear when something is our opinion.